ic v80e

Ricetrasmettitore monobanda portatile VHF



Wide / Narrow channel spacing
207 Memories
Power Save
Three RF Levels 5.5/2.5/0.5W
Encode/Decode Built In
Time Out Timer
16 DTMF Memories
Ergonomic Controls

  • Gamma di frequenza: 136-174 MHz

IC- V80 abilitazione per espandere tutta la frequenza disponibile

The ICOM V 80 is a rugged, basic 2 meter HT and here are the instructions to enable the MARS/CAP coverage.

1. Remove both the antenna and the battery pack

2. Remove the 2 screws on the bottom of the radio.

3. Remove the nut on the BNC antenna jack.

4. Carefully lift the front cover and disconnect the speaker plug.

5. At the bottom right of the LCD Display near the power switch there is a single diode, remove it.

6. Reassemble the radio in reverse order.

Thats it, There is not even a need to reset, just turn on the radio and you will have coverage from 136Mhz to 174Mhz on TX and RX.