Description: Alincos new handheld 0,1-1300MHz 700 memorys WFM/FM/AM


Standard Features

  • Coverage range: 0.1 to 1300 MHz
  • 700 memory channels (10 banks x 70ch/bank)
  • 20 pairs of programmed-scan memory channels, 8 priority channels and 100 search-pass memory channels that skips scan even in VFO/Programmed-scan mode
  • VFO, Programmed, Preset, and Memory scan modes with memory-skip capability
  • Scans 20steps p/s in VFO mode, 10 channels p/s in memory mode.
  • 11 different steps plus an automatic-step mode
  • Palm-fitting, lightweight, easy-to-carry compact body
  • WFM, WFM/stereo, NFM and AM modes
  • An SMA rubber-ducky, earphone (optional) and internal ferrite-bar antennas (AM/SW) improve reception capability and operational flexibility.
  • Bug detector finds hidden transmitters
  • Wide variety of optional accessories to choose from
  • High quality audio, capable of smooth STEREO listening, too !(optional stereo speaker or headphone required)
  • Super-sensitive Triple Conversion circuit
  • Large, illuminated display
  • T/E versions come with a dry-cell case only, Japanese version is fully accessorized with a Ni-MH battery pack, a charger and a drycell case.
  • PC utility software will be free down-loadable from this site. ( Inversion scrambler decoder function is not available on USA version )



  • RX frequency range: 0.100 to 1,299.995MHz * 1
  • Mode: AM, FM, WFM, WFM stereo
  • Antenna imp.: 50 ohms unbalanced / SMA
  • Battery voltage: 3.6Vdc to 6.0 Vdc
  • External DC power source: 4.5V to 16Vdc
  • Battery consumption: 150mA nominal/ stand-by 75mA/ battery-save ON(1:4 cycle) 39mA
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 C or 14 to 140 F
  • Frequency stability: +/- 5 ppm at operating temperature range.
  • Dimension without projection: 56(W) X 102(H) X 23 (D) mm
  • Weight: 145g with Ni-MH battery pack and a rubber-duck antenna
  • RX System: Triple super heterodyne
    1st IF: 248.45MHz
    2nd IF: 38.85MHz
    3rd IF: 450KHz
  • RX selectivity:
    AM/FM : -6dB/12KHz or over -60dB/30KHz or less WFM : -6dB/150KHz or over
  • RX sensitivity(Typical):
    FM / 30 to 550MHz : less than -3dBu/12dB SINAD, 550MHz and up: less than 0dBu/12dB SINAD)
    WFM / less than 13dBu (12dBu SINAD)
    AM / 0.5 to 1.62MHz : less than 17dBu (10dB S/N), 1.62MHz and up : less than 5dBu (10dB S/N)
  • AF output: Max 220mW or more (8ohms)