Review by M6CEB


I just thought I would give a short and non-technical review of my Puxing PX-888 2 meter Hand Portable Radio. I bought this radio a couple of months ago and only paid £40 for it Brand New of eBay from China so I wasn’t expecting a lot! It arrived a week later from China, when I received it I was amazed how good it was for the money. It feels really good quality and has a very nice weight; the menus are very good for a radio of this price. Here is a quick look at the menus.


The menus are -

Scan: This scans through the stored memory channels

Pri: you can set a channel as priority and it scans through the channels and checks the priority channel after every other channel 1+pri+2+pri+3+pri and so on.

Vox: Not sure what this does.

Pow: high 5watts low 1 watts

Sql : Sets the Squelch from 1-9

Scrm: voice scrambler

Led: on or off or auto this is for the backlight

Light you can select 3 different colours white, blue or yellow

Beep: Keyboard beeps on or off

Ani: Not sure what this does

Keybo: Not sure about this.

Tot: Not sure about this

Scans: not sure on this

Voice: you can have it so when you select the menus the radio talks to you letting you know what you are pressing very good if you have poor eye sight

Diffr: Not sure on this

c-cdc: ctcss

r-cdc: receive ctcss

t-cdc: transmit ctcss

s-d: repeater shift +or-

step: steps 06.25, 12.5, 25, 05, 10,

n/w: narrow or wide

Roger: roger beep

Sad: not sure on this

Name: you can name your channels

puxing px-888

The battery life on this radio is also very good it lasts about 7 hours receive and about 2 hours when transmitting, you can buy a bigger capacity battery for the radio for about £10. There are also a lot of accessories you can purchase for this radio for very little money; you can buy programming software for the radio. The radio has a lock function so you don’t press the buttons by accident. And it has ctcss which is great the local repeater from me gb3oa is about 10 miles away in Southport and I can just about hit the repeater from my upstairs bedroom.

The radio also has a very cool led light on the front that lights up green when a signal is received and turns red when you are transmitting. In the box you get the radio, a desktop charger, the antenna, belt clip and the manual (which is a bit chinglish! But you can make some sense of it). Overall I really would recommend this radio I think it is an excellent radio for the money!



Overall i am really impressed with this little radio, I use it all the time and is FANTASTIC! don't hesitate and go and buy one. I have had the radio an extra few months now and it still is as great as it ever was! If you have bought one of these radio's then i would love to hear from you so check out my contact page and send me a quick email. Thanks for checking out this review and i really hope this has been some help to you.