Ricetrasmettitore bibanda veicolare analogico e digitale FM/C4FM, frontalino staccabile, dotato di GPS ad alta velocità,con un’ampia gamma di oprazioni mobili rese possibili grazie all’avanzata tecnologia C4FM. Microfono con DTMF, 50 Watt in RadioFrequenza. Opera nella banda 144 e 430Mhz e dispone di ricevitore da 108-999Mhz.
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Radio Features:

- C4FM Digital 12.5 kHz Bandwidth
- V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Analog FM
- AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function automatically recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM
- Digital Group Monitor
- Supports advanced VoIP amateur radio WIRES-X
- Easily establish a WIRES-X node station (Optional HRI-200 is required.
- High RF Output Power 50 W/ 20 W/ 5 W on the 144/430 MHz bands
- 160 x 40 dots Full Dot Matrix Display with White LED Back Light
- Built-in 66 channel GPS Antenna (Front Panel)
- Receiving and Forwarding Image Data*2
- DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) Signaling Feature
- 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® Function
- Wideband Receive for 108 MHz – 999.99 MHz (cellular frequencies blocked)
- Bright multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator vibrantly displays the transceivers status
- microSD Card Slot
- High Stability ±2.5 ppm TCXO Included
- Bluetooth® Hands-free operation with optional BU-2 and BH-2A
- Voice Guide and Recording Function with optional FVS-2


Yaesu FTM-100D C4FM/Analog Dual Band Radio, System Fusion/APRS/Wires-X


Yaesu FTM-100D / C4FM Fusion - Un po di ascolto