TK-7150 (136-174 MHz)
TK-8150 (450-500 MHz)



General Features

50 W (136-174 MHz)
45 W (450-500 MHz)
Conventional & LTR® Zones
Remote Control Head (Option)
12 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
Backlit Dot Matrix LCD
3-Digit Sub-Display
Function / Status LCD Icons
Transmit & Receive LEDS
6 PF Keys with Labels
Emergency / AUX Key
Companded Audio
Encryption & ANI Board Control
Emergency Call Features
DTMF Encode / Decode
Special Alert Tone Patterns
Rotary Selector Knob
Rotary Volume Knob
3.5 W Front Panel Speaker
Emergency Call Features
MIL-Spec / Noise-Cancel Mic (Option)
MIL-Spec / Noise Cancel DTMF Mic (Option)
Time Out Timer
Busy Channel Lockout
Timed Power Off
DB-25 Accessory Connector

Conventional Zones
128 Channels / 128 Zones
Two-Tone Decode
Single / Two-Tone Encode
Operator Selectable Tone
Dual Priority Scan
Single & Multi-Zone Scan
List Scan

Trunked Zones
250 GID / 32 Zones
Kenwood LTR® Features


The 150-Series premium mobile line strikes a perfect balance of specifications, features and costs in this broad base platform designed for the public safety, public service, government and private industrial sectors. The wide frequency range, transceiver specifications and power are perfect for both metropolitan and suburban radio systems and environments. The large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. The remote mount option permits easy aesthetically pleasing installation into existing radio consoles and contemporary sedans. Encryption /ANI control permits first level to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Emergency Call (front panel & footswitch input) provides distress notification with FleetSync, MDC-1200/G-Star and DTMF ANI formats. Full FleetSync® or FleetSync® II includes PTT ID, Caller ID and non-voice status and text messaging. FleetSync, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Call provides built-in talkback paging capability. The DB-25 and programmable interface I/O's permit interface with data modems, headset/intercom systems, police motorcycle headset/PTT systems for vehicular installations or remote control termination panels for base/control station fixed installations.