UHF Portable Radio with 160 channels and Narrow Band

model shown here has the optional DTMF keypad installed


Technical Specifications

Frequency range:  Type 1: 450-470 MHz / Type 2: 470-490 MHz / Type 3: 490-512 MHz / Type 4: 406-430 MHz
Number of Channels: 32 (up to 160)
Channel  spacing:  30, 25 KHz (wide) / 15, 12.5 KHz (narrow)
Battery voltage: 7.5 V DC
Dimensions: (W x H x D) with 2-17/64 x 5-33/64 x 1-13/64 in. (57.5 x 140 x 30.5 mm)
Weight (net) w/ KNB-11A battery: 0.93 lbs (420 gr) / w/KNB-12B battery: 1.11 lbs (500 gr)
Channel frequency spread: Type 1: 20 MHz / Type 2: 20 MHz / Type 3: 22 MHz / Type 4: 24 MHz
RF power output: 4W/2W/1W


UHF Compact Synthesized FM Portable Radio (Multi-Mode)

Wide/narrow channel bandwidth switching (multi-mode) for existing needs and future compatibility. Staying in touch means staying in control, and nothing connects you like the new TK-350(G) handheld from Kenwood.

Main Features:

Large 4-character alphanumeric LCD display provides clear legibility under any lighting conditions from bright sunshine to total darkness (with backlight on).  It also shows key icon-based status information.

Tough, lightweight and compact construction means the TK-350(G) will be durable and convenient in the field.  Its textured polycarbonate case shuns scratches, impacts and scrapes so it keeps looking good through rough treatment, and the small size makes it easy to handle and conceal if necessary.

160 channel capacity and up to 24 MHz of bandwidth* makes the TK-350(G) suitable for virtually any application.  One unit can serve multiple needs without the need for reprogramming, optimizing investment in radio equipment and maximizing user convenience.

Advanced scanning functions include single or multi-group scan, priority scan (fixed or user selectable), and talk back scan.  These intelligent scan capabilities enhance channel management in the field, enhancing the TK-350(G)'s role in your operation.

Busy channel lockout further improves channel management by preventing transmit if another talkgroup is already on the air.

A Time- out timer limits the transmission time of the radio to guard against misuse or accidental key-ups.  It can be programmed for between 3 and 300 seconds.

Built-in QT and DQT squelch segregates talk groups so users only hear traffic from other co-channel users in their own group.  This reduces user misunderstandings and confusion.

The built-in two-tone decoder offers up to three 2-tone codes (tone pairs A, B, & C), assignable to any channel.  An incoming page/message is signaled visually with a call indicator and audibly with an alert tone, and can be followed up by a voice message.

DTMF decode adds another dimension of paging with up to one million code combinations available on an individual or group/subgroup basis.  The decoder also supports over-the-air remote reset and deadbeat disable for stolen units.

The Scan Revert channel feature sends you to the right transmit channel while responding to or initiating a call during channel scan (selected or priority channel).  And with the additional talk back feature activated, the radio will automatically switch you to the channel that last received a call, overriding the normal Scan Revert channel.

The Tri-color LED gives you four instantly recognizable status indications: red for transmit, green for channel busy, flashing amber for selective call alert and flashing red for low battery.

The computerized design architecture opens up a new world of serviceability.  All radio functions can be programmed with a personal computer utilizing easy-to-use drop down menus and help screens.  This translates into rapid setup and delivery of even the most complex channeling applications.  Each channel contains frequency, offset, tone encode/decode (QT, DQT, two-tone and DTMF), busy channel lockout and power level information.

Computerized alignment allows all transmit and receive adjustments to be made through the PC.  This includes squelch, RF power output, deviation, DQT balance, QT fine deviation, DQT fine deviation and DTMF deviation.  Your technician can then print the radio's setup information for future reference.

Cloning is also a breeze: anyone can clone radios in the field without a computer.

Self-program mode allows a technician to enter setup data while out in the field without a computer for maximum convenience (32-channel model only).  There is also a self-tuning feature.

Sleeve construction lets your technician get at the heart of the radio by simply undoing two screws -the internal chassis then slides out of the case for rapid servicing.  This approach also increases durability because the external case is cast as a one-piece shell, providing the highest degree of structural rigidity.

Programmable power levels provide one of three settings (High/Med/Low) for each of the channels so the radio can be tailored for mixed transmit range requirements.  Output levels can be programmed at 4W/2W/1W on UHF.

Other Features

The D/A key lets the user add or delete scan channels at anytime to customize the scan list for temporary assignments or to avoid nuisance traffic.

The talkaround key disables repeater access for close-in simplex work.

The new 'intelligent' power saver circuit automatically gets receiver sleep duration while monitoring carrier and tone status.

Meets Requirements for Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for use In Class I, II, and III Division 1,2, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G hazardous locations.

Optional KDM-7 DTMF keypad provides nine autodial memories and connect/disconnect ANI (up to 10 digits) to address any telephone lnterconnect, selective calling, or remote control requirements.

* depending on the version; see specifications.


Optional Accessories

KMC-21 Compact Low-Profile Speaker Microphone
KMC-17 Speaker Microphone
KHS-1 Headset with VOX/PTT
KNB-11A Ni-Cd Battery (7.2 V, 800 mAh)
KNB-12A Ni-Cd Battery (7.2 V, 11 00 mAh)
KNB-12B Ni-Cd Battery (7.2 V, 11 00 mAh)
KMB-14 Multiple Charger
KSC-18 Rapid Rate Charger
KSC-17 Regular Rate Charger
KSC-14 Dual Slot Rapid Charger
KSC-76 Rapid Rate Multi Charger (6 units)
KSC-86 Regular Rate Multi Charger (6 units)
KPG-23D Programming Software with Instruction Manual
KPG-22 Programming Interface Cable (powered through PC's serial port)
KBH-6 Spring-action Belt Hook
KWR-1 Water-resistant Bag
KDM-7 DTMF Keypad
KLH-80 Leather Case
KLH-6SW Swivel Belt Loop
KRA-5A UHF Stubby Antenna (450-480 MHz)
KRA-5B UHF Stubby Antenna (480-512 MHz)
KRA-5C UHF Stubby Antenna (400-430 MHz)