Digital Voice Plus Digital Data Combine with D-STAR Repeater Equipment

D-STAR Features
  • D-PRS®
  • Text Message
  • Internet Access
  • Auto I.D.
  • Digital Voice and Location
  • Rescue Tracking
  • Crossbanding
  • D-STAR Forums

Imagine a world where you can get a VHF and UHF repeater pair. Or where VHF and UHF DX does not require a band opening. Or even a plug and play repeater system that gives you functionality and capabilities that no other radio service in the world can offer!. This dream has become a reality with the introduction of Icom's ID-RP2000V and ID-RP4000V D-STAR Modules!

Whether you are a repeater owner wanting to experiment in the digital world or a club who wants more from their repeater network, D-STAR is definitely the future of Amateur Radio.


With the capability of handling up to four RF modules, ID-RP2C repeater controller is the cornerstone of the D-STAR repeater system. This includes basic in-band as well as crossband operation between any of the four digital voice RF modules. In addition to basic control of the RF modules, the RP2C also provides linking capabilities through the Internet and future 10GHz backbone products.

ID-RP2D (23cm Data)

One of the most powerful functions of D-STAR is the ability to move data. The ID-RP2D provides an access point with a data rate of 128kbps. Depending on the system setup, the 128kbps is perfect for setting up an e-mail and/or file server for EmComm support. It's also perfect for the connecting to the Internet or web applications and support.

Whether you use the 128kbps for e-mail or file servers, connecting to an Internet source via a router will give you the capability of checking out the radar from the National Weather Service or National Hurricane Center.

ID-RP2V (23cm Voice)

Finally a commercially available legal crossband repeater! With proper callsign programming in any D-STAR compatible mobile or portable, the Icom D-STAR repeaters will automatically route your signal to any other RF module connected to a common RP2. With simple repeater commands, you can direct your communications through any of the RF modules.

ID-RP2000V (2M)

This VHF digital voice repeater opens the way to use the D-STAR repeater system in the popular 2m band with the ID-800H, IC-91AD and other D-STAR compatible radios. It also provides cross band operation with 144/440/1200MHz bands.

ID-RP4000V (70cm)

The RP4000V, a UHF digital voice repeater, uses the D-STAR repeater system in 70cm bands. It also provides cross band operations with 144/440/1200MHz bands.