Features I like about this radio:
FM reception is one of the highest I have reviewed.
MW reception is fantastic.
SW reception is decent.
The addition of a fine tuning wheel is brilliant.
AIR band receives very well.
Seven Bandwidth options for SW, MW, LW and AIR.
Six Bandwidth options for SSB.
RDS is a nice bonus.
FM Stereo sounds great on headphones.
Headphone experience is good, switching bands does cause an audible pop though.
Alarm Feature.
Sleep Function.
Bright White/Blue LED sidelit LCD.
Light can be switched on to run continuously.
Speaker has good tonal quality for voice.
Fast/Slow/Stop feature on the tuning knob.
Squelch Feature.
Rechargeable 18650 Battery.
External FM/SW antenna jack.
Direct entry keypad. Very handy.
500 Presets.
Lightweight and Easy to carry.

Features that could be added or improved on:
Remove popping sound when changing bands with headphones.
Remove popping sound when browsing stations that are near each other.
Improve Squelch function.




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