Interessante articolo, le info reperite direttamente dal sito ufficiale. Si tratta di un mixer in grado di far operare un mike su 3 apparati diversi, anche di marche diverse. Certo esistono in commercio microfoni già studiati per poter funzionare con una simile modalità. Questo accessorio permette, però, di poter facilmente adattare qualsiasi microfono su qualsiasi apparato. Forse il costo è eccessivo, comunque riporto le info e lo schema a blocchi. Magari a qualcuno verrà voglia di autocostruirselo Smile

The NCS Multi-Switcher is a "mini-console" that lets you switch all operator equipment (microphone, headset, keyer, foot-switch, etc) to any of four radios at the push of a button. You can switch between a headset, desk or hand mic, TNC, Phone Patch, Sound Card, etc. The Multi-Switcher matches the impedance, audio level and pin-out of nearly any microphone to virtually any radio including vintage rigs. The Multi-Switcher also switches your foot- or hand-switch and CW keyer to the selected radio.

Works with nearly ANY Microphone or Other Audio Source.
Pushbuttons select one of four audio sources. Matches most any microphone or other audio source to most radios. Preset controls avoid adjustments when switching microphones. Now you can switch between a headset, desk or hand mic, phone patch, sound card, voice keyer, tape recorder etc without plugging and unplugging cables. Two adjustable high gain stages make low output mics and low sensitivity radios WORK and SOUND MUCH BETTER!

  Works with nearly ANY Radios.
Pushbuttons select one of four radios. No more connecting and disconnecting cables to use different radios - just push a button. Matches the impedance, audio level and pin-out of most radios including vintage rigs*.

Works with a Foot or Hand-switch.
A foot-switch or hand-switch connected to the Multi-Switcher is automatically connected to the selected radio. Free your hands for contesting and DXing or let a voice keyer control the PTT line for automated operation.

Automatically Switches Your Keyer to the Selected Radio.

A CW keyer connected to the Multi-Switcher is automatically connected to the selected radio. (Optional accessories are needed for grid-block or cathode keying.)

Works with HF Sub-receiver and VHF/UHF Dual-band Audio.
Using stereo headphones, listen to sub-receiver audio for efficient DX and contest operating.

Supplied with Full Cable Documentation.
Ready-made cable kits are available for nearly any radio or make your own from the supplied documentation.

Easy to Use.
Simple one-time setup for different microphones or other audio sources. Built-in microphone level setting indicator makes audio level adjustment easy. Pushbutton switches select audio sources and radios. LEDs on switches show audio source and radio selection at a glance.

Ideal Design for ANY Hamshack.
Small size and efficient user controls improve the operation of any station, from a single radio to all band setups. Place on a desktop, on top of other equipment or mount in a console.

Increase your operating enjoyment today !!!

* Optional High Voltage Keying Accessory may be needed for some vintage radios.