EQplus by W2IHY è l'accessorio che permette prestazioni ineguagliabili nell'interfacciamento radio/microfono, adattamento di impedenza, controllo dei livelli, ed isolamento RF/audio. Con il Compressore Regolabile si fornisce una vigorosa spinta all'intensità della voce: aumenta la potenza vocale mentre il segnale rimane pulito, splendente, non stridulo. Con l' Espansore Regolabile si ottiene una veloce e trasparente riduzione di rumore di fondo. Il Limitatore gestisce i livelli e lavora in armonia con il compressore per una piena gestione dell'audio.I l Processore Audio EQplus è progettato per essere collegato fra il microfono ed il ricetrans HF Kenwood, Icom o Yaesu. L'apparecchio EQplus fornisce  la Compressione Audio, Espansione Regolabile, Effetti e collegamenti a 3 radio.

Product Specifications
Dual-Band Audio Equalizer

  • Bass & Treble independently adjustable +/- 12 dB
  • Equalizer bypass switch (on/off)
Audio Compressor
  • Adjustable compression control
  • Wideband frequency response
  • Extremely low distortion
  • Compressor bypass switch (on/off)
Downward Expander
  • Sophisticated technology for background noise reduction
  • Adjustable threshold control
  • Fixed limiting manages internal signal level
  • Harmonious relationship with compressor
Effects Processor
  • Acoustic enhancement for brighter, smoother top-end
  • Independent delay & level controls
  • 3-way switch: effect one, effect two, effects off
Audio Input Connectors
  • The famous W2IHY I-K-Y 8-pin mic jack/selector switch
  • RCA phono jack
  • DIN (aux input)
Input Impedance Select
  • 3-way switch: 600 ohm, 200 ohm, Hi-Z
Input Gain Control
  • Simple, quick input gain adjustment
  • Low noise pre-amp
  • Wide-range for mic-level & line-level signals
Mic Power
  • Provides 5VDC to mic cartridge
  • On/off switch
Output Level Control
  • Set precise drive level to your radio
  • Mic-level output
  • Line-level output
Three Audio Output Ports
  • Interface up to 3 radios
  • Rear panel port selector switch
  • Low-Z balanced and unbalanced output
  • Hi-Z output option
  • 5-pin DIN connectors
  • Pre-wired cable assemblies available (optional)
LED Bar Graph
  • 10-segment multi-color display
  • Monitors internal audio peak-to-peak levels
  • Displays compressor action
  • Indicates onset of limiting
PTT Input (RCA jack)
  • Adds push to talk control for non-ptt mics
  • Can be used with foot switch, etc.
Headphone Monitor
  • High-quality audio amplifier
  • ¼” rear panel stereo jack
  • Front panel monitor level control
Operating Environment
  • Designed specifically for amateur radio use adjacent to transmitters and rf amplifiers
  • Extensive RFI protection & isolation from hum and ground loops
  • Steel enclosure
  • Black finish with white lettering. Attractive in any shack
  • Dimensions: 8-7/8” X 5” X 4”
  • 7-14 V (100ma) wall transformer provided
  • LED indicator and on/off switch
  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • Free technical support

Product Comparison Table

Feature W2IHY
8 Band
Dual Band
Bands of Equalization 8 2 2
Headphone Monitor X X
200 Ohm Microphone Input X X
High Impedance Microphone Input X X
Audio Outputs to Radio's 2 3 1
Mic Impedance 200
Noise Gate or Downward Expander X X X
Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu mic Compatable X X X
Adjustable Mic Input Level X X X
8 Pin Mic Connector X X X
RCA Phono Mic Connector X X X
XLR Mic Input X

Phantom 5 vdc for eletrets X X X
Output Impedances 600
PTT Input X X X
Kit Available X
Audio Compression
Audio Limiter
Bar Graph Audio Level Indcation