The Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor is a multi-function monitor scope which functions as a band-scope (with BS-8 pan display option), monitor and tone generator. It is the ideal product for supporting, monitoring and calibrating equipment in radio stations. It can be used to observe SSB distortion, CW key clicks, and test linearity of linear amplifiers. It has four sweep ranges. It also can serve as a RTTY tuning scope. Frequency range: 1.8-150 MHz. Maximum Power: 2000W 1.8-54 MHz and 100W 150 MHz (see manual for other power restrictions). IF Frequency:  455 kHz.

8.5 x 6.25 x 13.3 inches 11 Lbs. (215x153x335mm 5 kg).

The SM-220 is compatible with several Kenwood models including the TS-180S.

  • Bandscope ± 100 kHz (with optional BS-8)
  • 10 MHz Oscilloscope
  • Matches many Kenwood Transceivers
  • Wideband Transmission Monitor
  • RTTY X-Y Tuning Meter
  • Built-in 1000/1575 Hz Two-Tone Generator